John and Ramona Crisp are lifetime Kansas residents, having been raised on small family farms in the western part of the state.  John is a 6th generation farmer, and together, he and Ramona have over 90 years of combined experience in organic gardening and farming, including livestock production.  For over 35 years, Shepherd’s Valley farm has been using organic and ecologically sound methods to provide wholesome and premium quality food for its many friends and loyal customers.  Shepherd’s Valley has been on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture in Kansas, as well as being one of the first farms in the area to introduce the health benefits of pastured poultry and grass-fed meats.

Over the last decade, Shepherd’s Valley has been instrumental in helping over 25 area families start up small home-based businesses focused on local food production.  Many of these producers now provide a portion of food for Shepherd’s Valley shareholders and customers.  Shepherd’s Valley has become a major force in growing the local food movement in eastern Kansas.

Farm tours and educational opportunities abound at Shepherd’s Valley.  Hundreds of first-time visitors come to the farm every year to learn about sustainable organic agriculture.  John is a frequent speaker in area schools, as well as conventions, seminars, workshops, and community organization meetings.   There are internships, classes, working shares, and volunteer opportunities available for people to learn more about organic agriculture from a hands-on perspective while working on the farm.

John and Ramona are Bible-believing Christians who seek to practice wise stewardship of the land God has put under their care.  “For the glory of God” is the farm’s reason for existence, and thus, the farm is a tool for our Lord’s use.  The farm setting provides context for a multitude of ministry and training opportunities for youth and all who desire to discover more about God and His creation.  John has taught the Bible for over 40 years, founded and pastored a local church, as well as trained pastors and missionaries.  He is a published author, writing articles for on-line publications, short stories, and gospel tracts.  John and Ramona live a simple lifestyle that follows debt-free principles and utilizes subsistence gardening as a priority.





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