Pastured Lamb

Pastured Lamb: If you’ve never tasted pasture-raised lamb, you’re in for a real treat! Through the years we’ve served our friends and family exquisite table fare that keeps them coming back for more. In fact, most everyone who’s tried our lamb has been pleasantly surprised at the wonderful texture and flavor. We have converted many a “hesitant taster” into a lamb lover after trying our delicious lamb.

Our lambs come from our own hand-raised flock of Corriedale ewes. Corriedale is a big, beautiful, white-faced, dual-purpose sheep breed that produces large meat lambs and spinner quality wool. All our ewes are individually named – having been birthed here in our big stone barn. Many sets of twins and occasionally some triplets are born each spring, and we encourage our customers to drop in for a visit to see the cute little lambkins, and enjoy the daily lamb races and bucking displays. Children especially enjoy holding the lambs. You’ll want to bring your camera!

All of our sheep are pasture fed on lush green grasses mixed with legumes (clovers) and wild forbs. In the wintertime, our sheep are fed alfalfa and prairie hay, since green grass is no longer available in the pasture. Lambs are born in early spring (February – March) and grow to processing weights in about seven months.

We do not feed any grain to our lambs – they are raised on their mothers’ milk and supplemented with pasture grasses and alfalfa hay. All our sheep have daily access to trace minerals, unrefined sea salt, and kelp. They have lots of room to run and play, which they do with great pleasure. We do not use growth hormones, or feed antibiotics. Our sheep have very gentle dispositions, and are a joy to handle.

Shepherd’s Valley lamb meat is tender, lean, flavorful, and 100% natural. To learn more about the superior health benefits of grass-fed meats, see:

Shepherd’s Valley lamb is currently sold as whole or half lamb. When processed, whole lambs will produce about 30-40 lbs. of packaged meat, depending on final weight, and customer preferences on bone-in or de-boned cuts. Customers are notified of processing dates and communicate directly with the processor to assure their meat is cut and packaged exactly as they desire. Current price is $7.00/lb. for actual hanging weight plus processing fees. Hanging weights average approximately 50-55 lbs. per lamb. Processing fees are approximately $70/lamb. [Those who purchase a half lamb pay half this fee.] These prices represent a serious cost savings over buying individual cuts at the supermarket or health food store (if you can find it), and the quality is superior to anything else you are apt to find. We can tell you that several chefs highly rate our lamb, and agree that Shepherd’s Valley lamb is the best they’ve ever tasted.

Since we have a waiting list, customers must reserve their lamb(s) with a $75 deposit/lamb. The remainder is due at the time of pickup. We have a limited number of lambs available each season, and we sell out every year – so don’t wait too late to reserve your lambs!

Wool Fleeces: Shepherd’s Valley wool fleeces are marketed to hand spinning enthusiasts across the nation. Our purebred Corriedale rams come from champion bloodlines. Our fleeces have been shown and won several regional awards over the years. Raw, skirted fleeces with medium vegetative matter will weigh 10-16 lbs. and are priced at $5.00/lb. Currently, we are sold out of all our fleeces.

Sheepskins: These washable, soft-tanned pelts are available in their natural white and cream colors. Beautiful woolen lambskins are useful and practical items. They can be used as lap warmers, breathable mattress covers for babies, car seat covers, and floor rugs at the bedside to keep those bare feet warm on cold winter mornings. They also make great slippers and moccasins. Inquire for availability and current prices.

Raw Meat Pet Food Diets: For those customers who have chosen raw food diets for the superior nutrition and health benefits for their pets and working dogs, lamb bones and trimmings are available for $2.50/lb.

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