Pastured Eggs

The photo above is of some of our freshly gathered eggs. You will see mostly large brown eggs in several shades, along with a few pale blue-green eggs.

Our laying hens graze on lush green pastures every day in spring, summer, and fall. They are supplemented with a specially formulated ration of soy-free, non-GMO, certified organic grains, kelp, calcium, vitamins, and all-natural trace minerals. In winter, the birds receive alfalfa and prairie hay as replacements for the pasture grasses. The yolks of these eggs are bright yellow-orange and stand up firm in the skillet. Bakers, chefs, and breakfast eaters can sure tell the difference – and you will, too!

Research has demonstrated the nutritional superiority of pastured eggs over store bought “factory farm” eggs. Compare Shepherd’s Valley eggs with any others and you’ll discover the premium nutritional quality and delicious taste. We don’t think you can find better eggs anywhere for the price. Here’s a side-by-side nutritional comparison of pastured and conventional eggs in eastern Kansas: Egg Comparisons

For more information on how we raise our poultry, click here.

Egg Share Economics:

Shepherd’s Valley egg shares are pre-paid orders for a specific number of eggs per week for a 6-month (26 weeks) time frame. By purchasing egg shares, our customers help us to better plan the numbers of birds needed for the year, reducing the peaks and valleys of production, making for more effective management of our flocks. By purchasing an egg share you’ll save road time, fuel, paper work, and significant dollars over the usual way of buying eggs, and you won’t be writing separate checks or searching for change for each transaction. New customers may purchase egg shares any time during the season, and the price is pro-rated, based upon how much time is left in the 26-week period.

Prices are subject to change, depending on a number of variables. We have held egg share prices at the same level at $6.00/dozen (plus tax). We have added a small fee to help offset delivery expenses. Prices include sales tax, so there are no additional charges.

We notify egg share customers when it is time to renew for the next 6 months (26 weeks). In the event of seasonal shortfalls that may occur, credits are given, and we make up the difference as soon as possible. Most small farms do NOT sell eggs during the winter due to seasonal drops in production, but here at Shepherd’s Valley farm we have nearly always been able to meet the demand with careful flock management.

If you do NOT purchase an egg share, you may still buy eggs as long as supplies last. Those who purchase egg shares receive first priority during seasonal shortfalls (late fall and winter). If you need additional eggs from time to time, over and above your selected egg share option, these may be purchased at $6.00/dozen. We can also custom design an egg share in whatever amounts you need.

2021 January – June Egg Share Options:

Option A: 1 dozen eggs/week $180
Option B: 2 dozen eggs/week $347
Option C: 3 dozen eggs/week $510
Option D: Other: ___________________________

Pickups and Deliveries

Egg shares are delivered to designated pickup points in Emporia, Council Grove, Strong City, and Manhattan on a pre-arranged schedule. Weekly deliveries may be picked up in conjunction with the CSA share deliveries from April through October. Winter deliveries are made every other week or monthly beginning in November.

We ask our customers to please return all egg cartons in clean, usable condition, and in a timely manner, so that we may keep our costs down.

If you wish to purchase an egg share with deliveries to coincide with the CSA shares, or if you are wanting to purchase an egg share that begins this week, please contact us for specifics.