Bee Pollen – 4 oz.

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This is raw bee pollen, just as it comes from the honeybee hive. It is full of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and is highly regarded for its many health benefits. It is primarily used for its ability to curb the symptoms of hay fever and allergies, and for its energy boosting properties. Olympic athletes use it as a secret weapon for endurance in marathon type races. Whole books have been written about the health benefits of bee pollen. It can be eaten raw as is, or mixed into smoothies or juices, added to cereals, or sprinkled onto a variety of foods. It has a mild, honey-like, sweet and mildly sour taste. An information sheet is available free upon request. For more information, click Honey & Bee Products. We have many repeat customers and sell a lot of this product. Gyms and Health Clubs sometimes send us big orders for their members. There are bulk discounts for purchases of 10 lbs. or more. Sold in 4 oz.and 1 lb. bags.